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Dash Cams & GPS

Dash-Tec is Sydney’s premier dash cam business solutions provider for business, franchise & fleet. We provide an end-to-end solution for customers. We specialise in dash-cams, GPS Trackers and accessories, as well as DIY management, on-call management and 24/7 monitoring. Our dedicated team of consultants will help you choose the right solution for your business.


Our expansion plans will see us be able to service Trucks and other heavy vehicles across Sydney and regional NSW in 2021, and then Australian Businesses up and down the Eastern Seaboard, including Melbourne and Brisbane by 2023. We have investors & partners that will make this a reality!


Dash-Tec is a full-service dashcam solutions provider for business, fleet and trade services. 


Dash-Tec provides product consultation, dash cam installation and ongoing monitoring.


We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our customer, suppliers & installers. 

Our Process

Dash-Cam Selection

We help you Choose

We get to know your fleet and monitoring requirements to recommend the best available dash-cam solution.

Dash Cam Installers

Dash-Cam Install

Approved Installers

We have agreements with installers throughout NSW. You can go to them or they can come to you.

GPS Tracking

Protect your Assets

Monitor your assets. Protect your staff and cargo. Video footage can be access remotely when you need it.

Get in Touch

We are ready to help.

Get in touch with Dash-Tec today to find the best vehicle monitoring solution for your business fleet.


Common Questions

Why do I need a dashcam?

Dash-Tec dashcams provide security to business, fleet and tradies. It’s the next step in vehicle solutions previously dominated by GPS. Now, we can protect your vehicles, your drivers, your cargo and let you know where your people are.

Who typically uses dashcams?

Typically, sole traders and professional drivers install dashcams, however, with the extra features of dashcams more businesses are moving away from expensive GPS, and instead adding dashcams to improve driver responsibility, help with insurance claims and ensure cargo security.

Do dashcams reduce my insurance costs?

Ask our consultants about which insurance companies can help businesses that use dashcam technology save on insurance premiums.

What dashcam is right for me?

Dashcams come in all types and sizes and service multiple purposes at various price points. Do you need to know where your drivers are? Do you need to protect your drivers and reduce insurance claims? Do you need your cargo or tools protected when you’re not there? Depending on what you need, our consultants can help you choose the right dash-cam for your vehicles.