Are dash cams legal in Australia?

Yes, dash cams are legal in all states of Australia. In Australia recording on public roadways is allowed as long as the recording does not infringe on personal privacy.

Should you leave a dash cam in your car?

Yes, you definitely should leave your dash cam in the car when it is parked. If you don’t then you are missing out on a huge feature of dash cams: Parking Mode. When your dash cam is hard-wired to the battery of the vehicle, then your camera will be able to go into parking mode when the car is switched off. Adding WiFi and monitoring increases the security of your vehicle.

What's the difference between a car dash cam and a truck dash cam?

The primary difference between car and truck dash cams is that truck dash cams tend to have a wide-angle fish-eye lens, covering around 160 to 170 degrees, whereas a car dash cam is more likely to cover around 120 degrees. Dash-Tec will be entering the Truck Dash-Cam market in 2021. IN the meantime – check out Velocity Group.

Do dash cameras always record?

Without any sort of recording controls, dash cams are typically designed to record continuously whenever they are powered up. Others have a security option to record only when they sense motion.

Will a dash cam drain my vehicle battery?

It is possible for a dash cam to drain your car battery. However, this is very unlikely to occur, unless you do not drive your car frequently. The battery drainage also depends on whether the electrical connection to the dashcam is always on.

Should I hard-wire my dash cam?

Definitely recommend hardwiring your dashcam. If you don’t care about wires dangling down and your cigarette lighter turns on when you turn your car on, then you don’t need to hard wire. But if you want to keep it neat then go for the hard wire. Employees cannot disable the dash cam when it is hardwired and that is why Dash-Tec only provides fully installed solutions. Our warranty is 12-months on the equipment and the installation.

Do dash cams qualify for the instant asset write off?

Generally yes. It may also include the full installation costs as it needs to be ready and fit for purpose. We suggest you check with your own financial advisor.

Do I need a WiFi plan for my dash cam?

Not all dash cams are wifi enabled. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you will need a mobile plan. Ask our consultants which plan would suit your business.

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