You’ll never have to worry about blurry footage with the DDPAI 4K Pack.


You’ll never have to worry about blurry footage with the DDPAI 4K Pack. The 4K ultra high definition camera ensures that important details such as number plates and street signs are always crystal clear. It also has ADAS features to help you or your staff drive more safely.



  • 1x DDPAI MINI5 Dash Cam
  • Full installation by one of our approved installers
  • 12-month warranty

Dashcam features:


  • 4K UHD front camera for the sharpest, clearest recordings. SONY IMX415 image sensor to capture the finest details, and a 140° wide-angle lens to capture the widest view of the road ahead
  • Compact and discreet design – fits behind the rearview mirror neatly.
  • Built-in eMMC Flash storage – high-speed internal storage for maximum camera performance
  • G-sensor and motion detection – with the 6-axis G-sensor, when the camera detects sudden movement, like a collision or dangerous driving behaviour, it will automatically lock the video that is being recorded, so that it cannot be overwritten.
  • Parking Mode – the camera can automatically start recording if motion or impact is detected by the device while the vehicle is parked.
  • GPS tagged video – the high sensitivity GPS receiver records your location along with the video footage.
  • Advanced driver-assistance system – drive smarter and safer with the ADAS warnings. The camera gives warnings in a variety of situations, such as if pedestrians are crossing ahead, if you are travelling too close to the car in front or if you are veering out of your lane.
  • DDPAI app for iOS/Android – connect your phone to the dashcam via WiFi to playback and download the footage, and share it with the DDPAI community