Eachpai K200


Record accidents for better insurance outcomes; and improve driver behaviour knowing there is constant monitoring.


The K200 Starter Pack is the perfect solution to improve the efficiency and safety of your fleet. Constant recording means that in the case of unfortunate accidents, you will have the footage to defend yourself in an insurance dispute. And you and your drivers will be safer knowing that they are monitored.



  • 1x Eachpai K200 Dual Cam
  • 1x 128GB microSD card
  • Full installation by one of our approved installers

Dashcam features:


  • Front and rear cameras with 1080P Full HD resolution for high-quality recordings. STARVIS Technology for quality recording at night.
  • Wide-angle lens – the front camera and rear camera have 170° and 150° fields of vision, respectively, to reduce blind spots in the recordings.
  • GPS tagged video – footage will have attached information about the driving route, location, speed, and date and time it was recorded.
  • G-sensor and motion detection – when the camera detects sudden movement, like a collision or dangerous driving behaviour, it will automatically lock the video that is being recorded, so that it cannot be overwritten.
  • Loop recording – the cameras continuously record, and when the SD card is full, old footage is automatically overwritten with new footage. Locked footage does not get overwritten.
  • 3.0” IPS screen for playback, in case you need to review footage while on the road.
  • EACHPAI app for iOS/Android (optional) – connect your phone to the dashcam via WiFi to view the footage on your phone.


All our products come with a 12-month warranty.